North West France

Normandy - D Day beaches


3 days of short escape in the WWII history. After Honfleur and Deauville that deserve a pleasant visit, you will see the places where European history changed in 1944.
Trip duration: 3 days
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Normandy & Brittany - Viking and Celt tour


5 days to combine Normandy D Day beachs and resort areas then the amazing Mont Saint Michel with its  unique location plus St Malo, city of the corsairs. Sea food lovers, this tour is for you!
Trip duration:
5 days

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Loire Valley Castles - The Renaissance jewels


Unique place in the world where so many charming and beautiful castles were built in the rich history of the France kingdom. Stunning architecture, peaceful landscapes, wine and food…. All these advantages contributes to the pleasant Loire Valley way of life.
Trip duration:
6 days

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