North East France

Champagne - King's wine land


A short drive from Paris till Champagne wine region with the most scenic roads and superb wine tastings.
Trip duration:
2 days

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Alsace getaway


The Alsace wine roads is just a fantastic discovery of small and very typical historic villages, great restaurants, tasty wines… short ride but great experience guarantee.
Trip duration:
3 days

Alsace wine route motorcycle tour...

Burgundy & Beaujolais vineyards tour


Vineyards discoveries through small road and world famous wine properties history.
Trip duration:
3 days

Burgundy and Beaujolais motorcycle tour...

Jura Mountains tour


We suggest an hidden path of typical villages, unknown wine areas, deep forests… just a breath of nature!
Trip duration:
3 days
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Alsace and Vosges Mountains - Wine and ridge tour


Nice mixing of the Alsace wine roads and Vosges Mountains area where you will enjoy small little roads, popular and good food ending with Strasbourg, the European capital.
Trip duration:
4 days
Discover Alsace and Vosges Mountains on motorcycle...

Burgundy - Wine, Abbeys and Historic tour



A deep discovery of the history    and traditions of this magnificent area with abbeys, great wine appellation,     fine food… a true moment of magic pleasure!
Trip duration:
5 days
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Burgundy, Beaujolais and Jura


Superb combination of wine regions and Mountains roads of Jura, beautiful abbeys. Twisting roads, gastronomic tables, an epicurean journey!
Trip duration: 5 days
Burgundy, Beaujolais and Jura motorcycle discovery...

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