South East France

Heart of Provence


5 days to resume why Provence is such a demanded place to live and of course to visit! History with the Popes’ Palace and Avignon, way of life in these small and typical villages, wine, food, etc… All is gathered, under the sun 300 days a year, to deliver a memorable stay with your tour guide opening your road on his motorcycle!
Trip duration:
5 days
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The Grande Route des Alpes


Just think about you will ride with your tour guide and a support minibus from Evian Lake till Nice via some of the highest passes in Europe (16 at all!), on a legend itinerary for a unique adventure, through a territory of exceptional natural and cultural heritage.
Trip duration: 6 days
Grande route des Alpes guided motorcycle tour...

Provence Symphony


You add the incredible Verdon Gorges, St Tropez and the Mediterranean sea to the Heart of Provence tour and… you’ll have a touch of what is Paradise…. Remember that our guided tours are proposed with upscale services, such a minibus for your luggage or having some rest for your passengers…
Trip duration: 7 days
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Corsica magical tour


Once in a lifetime, YOU MUST have a ride in Corsica simply because this so beautiful island proposes a wide range of what bikers dream: Amazing landscapes, nice food, twisting roads, etc…. a combine stay between North and South of the island where you don’t have to change hotel each day, a local motorcycle guide and a support minibus for luggage.
Trip duration: 8 days
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Giant French Alps tour


For riders who enjoy riding on amazing roads, crossing the French Alps Mountains from South to North and come back on the historic Napoleon route. This is a real challenging journey but you will never forget it! Your motorcycle tour guide will show you nice place for pictures, to take a coffee while you don’t need to take care of your luggage… just having fun and careful rides.
Trip duration:
8 days

French Alps guided motorcycle tour discovery...

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