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Customized tour: The France on Wheels touch

With some friends, your family wishing to share the road with you? A tour that is not proposed in our website..... We can customized any tour you want but please have a look first on all the different tours we had imagined....

For your comfort, we could take care of following services, THE France on Wheels touch:

- Your accommodation in Paris, Nice or anywhere else before or after the tour, from moderate till Palace hotels, For the tour itelf, we have selected charming 3*** properties but we could of course propose fine 4 or 5***** hotels on simple request.

- Your motorcycles: All the greatest brands: Harley-Davidson, BMW, Honda GoldWing, Indian, Ducati, etc. - We could deliver these bikes in your hotel, at the airport, etc.

- Cars  We could also provide some fine cars, like convertible, Sedan or Sport Cars for friends or relatives:  Porsche, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, even Ferrari or Bentley…

- Fine restaurants, private city tours with English or your language tour speaking guide, superb wine tastings, special owners welcome, etc. We could arrange any service you need.

- Private Transfers in Limousine, helicopters, car with drivers, etc. upscale services are also available...

Self-drive tours: The bike will be equipped with a GPS and, most important, you will have our professional road book that are really a support travel guides (with local daily maps and cities maps to find your hotel), you will have as well some indications for visits, tastings, place for shopping, etc.

Guided tours: Personal tour guide riding a motorcycle, minibus for your luggage + a spare bike on a trailer, accommodation with comfort you are asking for, everything could be possible, depending on your budget and level of services you need,

Don't hesitate to ask us the trip of your dreams…

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